Macelleria Oberto

Macelleria Oberto was born in 1965 in Alba when, following several years of apprenticeship, aged 21, Pietro Oberto took over a small butchery near the town’s main square. Since then, over 50 years, Oberto’s family has been selecting the best examples of Piedmontese “Fassona” breed raised in small farms all over the province of Cuneo. The breeding is made in complete respect of nature and of the territory, because everything eaten by the animals is reflected in the texture and flavour of the meat.

There is always something wonderful
among all the things in nature

Oberto's Family

Macelleria Oberto expanded over the years relying on small farms in Piedmont which maintained intact the traditional way of breeding.

Certified Piedmontese "Fassona" Breed

The company ensures the highest quality standards thanks to a careful supervision of each step of the supply chain and selects only Piedmontese “Fassona” Breed cattle, whose origin is guaranteed by a set of regulations issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. 

The company is committed to transparency, providing clear and detailed information that allow the customer to immediately identify Macelleria Oberto’s meat. The label bears all the information required by law in relation to the origin of the meat, as well as optional indications, such as the breed and gender, as well as the farm of origin and the slaughter date according to the optional beef labelling regulations approval.

The Langhe

A precious land, brimming with tradition, atmosphere,
scents, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our customers

Macelleria Oberto is specialized in supplying high quality meat to satisfy top level restaurants, and increasingly demanding and conscious consumers.

Al Ristorante

At Restaurant

The cleanest way of tasting these meats.

For Delicatessen

For Delicatessen

For Delicatessen

Ready to use.

The Fassona heifer

The Fassona heifer

The Fassona heifer


Piedmontese F&B

The delicious Fassona meat from Macelleria Oberto meets the finest Pio Cesare Barolo wine.

La Terrazza di Via Palestro Restaurant held a Piedmontese dedicated dinner in order to celebrate the regal meeting between the Macelleria Oberto’s Fassona meats and the finest Barolo wine from Pio Cesare. Resident Chef Siro delighted the guests with savoury dishes and great wine pairings, enhancing the unique flavours of these products, both coming from the Langhe hills, world heritage site.

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"For me it’s the best steak in the world"

The restaurant Macellaio RC is mentioned on GEO SPECIAL MAGAZINE as one of the top restaurants in LONDON with St John's and Gordon Ramsey's in the category of 55 €. The restaurant, a hymn to italian excellence in the heart of London, serves the Macelleria Oberto’s Piedmontese meats and here is what they have written about.

"Here you dine in a butchery, where beefs are hunging from the ceiling and the meat is exhibited inside... aged ham, steaks, everything from Italian best beef. You can order the steak in kilograms for example 1.5 kilo for 4 ppl. It is served as a whole and with bones. Waiters put the knifes with the tips in the rustic tables. For me it's the best steak in the world."

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Macelleria Oberto, full marks in Piedmontese meat

Macelleria Oberto’s fine meats, USP of the Maxela Restaurant in South Kensington (London), received full marks by the critic Marina O’ Laughlin - reviewer for the The Guardian Magazine - one of the most respected and competent food commentators in England.

“The 30-day beef is impressive, but it’s the older, riper cut that leaves a lasting impression – as rich as anything I’ve eaten here or the States, almost gamey, cutting like butter even though we’ve asked for it rare”

The food critic enjoyed the tasty, tender and healthy Fassona steaks and fell in love with the Macelleria Oberto’s Piedmontese meat – passed with highest honours – in this top class Italian restaurant held by the Genoese Roberto Costa.

“And those steaks man, I could live on them”

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